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Educational Travel Planning

Owner Carol Young's philosophy that has guided our company: The best travel experiences come from unique itineraries that educate and inspire.

What distinguishes Travel Concepts programs?


There are no “packaged” tours at Travel Concepts. We offer a limited number of destinations in order to focus on specialized itineraries. Programs are developed from the ground up, working with resident-scholars rather than solely with tour suppliers. We use our comprehensive pre-trip research and local contacts to provide content that cannot be duplicated on mainstream tours.

Educational Content
We develop a cohesive educational plan for every program. Educational themes showcase your experts and are supported by excursions that stress learning through direct experience. Participants exchange ideas with local people—from scholars to villagers—and enjoy special events unavailable elsewhere. They return home with a new understanding of the destination.

Small and Focused
Travel Concepts has a unique business plan. We work with just a few premier institutions in our niche and we want their priorities reflected in every stage of developing a trip. We limit our annual program offerings so that we can provide superior service and extensive expertise for each departure.

Our client list includes:

  • Harvard Alumni Association
  • National Geographic Society
  • Stanford Alumni Association
Go to Current Trips to view some of the programs we're offering through 2010.


Global Concierge

Customized Travel for Groups of 8 or More

Why fit your needs into a package tour?

Get the Trip You Want
Let us design a custom travel experience that's tailor-made for your group of family or friends.

Save Time
Avoid the many hours it takes to work with a travel agent or plan a trip yourself

No Extra Cost
Let us design exactly what you want---for the same cost of a package tour.

We have extensive contacts in every destination.  We can help you:

  • Connect. Meet local people. Enter homes and villages, visit schools, meet leaders. Visit private collections & private homes.
  • Collect. Shop at the best galleries, stores and workshops. Meet artisans and see private crafts demonstrations.
  • Indulge. Stay in grand hotels or hard-to-find boutique resorts. Charter your own yacht, barge, or small cruise ship. Eat at the best restaurants for you, from country trattorias to Michelin 3-Stars. Luxuriate in spa treatments.
  • Learn. Sightsee with the very best guides. Learn from local experts.
  • Engage. Be active… Hike, snorkel, trek or rock climb. Enjoy activities specially crafted for your children. Meet artisans and watch them work.
  • Give Back. Help dig a well, read to children, plant a tree.
  • Find Inspiration. Make a private visit to the Sistine Chapel, meditate in a Himalayan monastery.

Give us a few moments to learn exactly what you want from your trip. We’ll discuss the type of hotel that works best for you, the amount of sightseeing vs. free time you prefer, your activity level (beaches & spas or hiking & diving?), your special interests, your favorite restaurants, and the kind of experiences that inspire you.

We’ll design a custom itinerary and book it for just about the same price you’d pay a travel agent or tour operator for a package tour.

Contact us at info(at)travelconcepts.us or 877.983.7323 to let us know when and how to reach you for an initial interview.


Family Travel

Let us send your family on an adventure you'll always remember.

Families have special needs when they travel. Our custom family itineraries are filled with activities that will engage kids of all ages. Let us pick the right family restaurants & hotels, the right guides and youth counselors, and the right activities for your needs.

We offer:

  • Unique hotels or small ships that are family-friendly
  • Specially designed sightseeing for the whole family
  • Special activities for the kids
  • Leadership from camp-trained youth counselors
  • Contact with local people—play soccer, meet artists, etc.
  • Active vacations: hike, bike, snorkel, rock-climb
  • Special instruction in new skills: photography, painting, cooking, etc.

Our family destinations include:

  • Tuscany
  • Provence
  • Spain

The perfect choice for extended families, grandparents traveling with grandchildren, relatives, and family friends.


Special Events

Tell us your Dream…

  • Track lions on safari in Botswana
  • Stand among 100,000 king penguins in Antarctica
  • Fly past the south face of Mt. Everest
  • Sip chianti in a hilltop castle in Tuscany
  • Climb to a remote Himalayan monastery
  • Cruise the Greek Isles on a private sailing yacht

We want to hear it.


With 20 years’ experience designing travel programs for top educational institutions, we’ve had the privilege of making many people’s travel dreams come true.

Let us do the same for you.

Whether it’s your anniversary, birthday, reunion or other special event— or just a lifelong passion for adventure—bring us your private group and tell us your dream. Leave the rest to us.


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